Software-engineer and -developer living in Berlin, Germany. Does great things @twostairs. Loves his #7D. Hates Arugula and @DB_Bahn.

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Mac App became unusable, crashes right after start.

En la educacion esta la diferencia. "Buenos dias! Un cafe, por favor." (via ) #coffee #addicted

I took this photo with the #NokiaLumia 920. No filters, regular indoor lighting-conditions. I love the depth of field

First image of Mac OS X 10.9 Lynx leaked.

How to make great products even more awesome. I think you guys get that, right ? :-)

Self-portaiting with the #NokiaLumia 920.

Preparing the first blog entry on my first impression on the #NokiaLumia 920, compared to my own #iPhone 5.

Just took a photo in my living-room's IKEA-bulb-low-light-conditions using the #iPhone 5 & #NokiaLumia 920. #camera

Ich glaube, das toppt nur noch ein #Airbus A380. #co2 #klima #rover

What do you guys think of this Google Maps pin replacement I just did? Any obvious design mistakes I did? ()

That's the Mustang I've put together using 's customizer - I'm loving it. I guess, I need to start saving money...

Thanks to , my desktop looks beautiful.

Haha, so cool! #VLC

So, this is me, working at home. Ho ho ho. #santa #marius

tried, another browser (Chrome), cleared cache. Hm.. something's still wrong there. Maybe a race condition?

this one, for example.

Thanks to , , , , and for cluttering my Mac menu bar with beauty :)

ghnar, would really like me to buy & setup your Stand Out theme, but there are 2 many JS issues