I'm a hazard to myself.

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Haha (:

Its santa!!! :o

Just the two of us :-)

and !

and I at the beach:-) #Raymundo in the back

My dog opens the door and guards me while I pee c: little weirdo

Me and cause when we get into the game, shits intense! B|

Fucking hungry and these are amazing!! :9

My handwriting when I'm falling asleep in math-.- hahahah

I sit in a row all alone because I'm nice and let people take my seats:(((

I love him <3 :)

Me and Zeke from Wizards of Waverly Place :D he's a cutie ;*

When my nana puts blankets on me like this >>>

I just realized I deep fried an angel hahahah

She's such a brat and uses me to cuddle!!

My nana is so cute! Helping us bake and watching The Little Rascals<3 :*

Battle scars from baking haha how I got this I have no idea but New Skin burns-.-

If you can read it, its amazing.

I decorated it!! #beast :D

I want someone to put my mascara on awww:( #foreveralone

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