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found a box of old toys in the attic. Clive, meet Casey Jones.

I have a lot of kids.

Great morning with & . I'm thankful for legs that work & friends that ride.

Awesome birthday present from !

// phantom 15 kept me warm during a hail storm while I was bikecamping this weekend. many thanks!

Result of unsupervised yogurt consumption.

// This one's got a flare for the dramatics.

On my way to hurt myself. Wake up and join us, .

Big thanks to the lovely for letting me ride. Took the fishing pole to the creek for a while. Good stuff.

Clive has 6 pairs of jeans. I just patched a hole in the knee of 5 of them.

I love my boy.

$3.15 of lumber and now Abe no longer has to sleep on a mattress on the floor. Clive was an awesome carpenter, too!

Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. In fact, I may just go ahead and officiate one.

Hanging out in a blanket fort with the little men.

Clive broke his arm. Someone stepped on it today at school. At the orthopedist waiting on cast.

Making sock puppets.

It's a girl! Roselyn Natalie Purvis!

Riding in the bed of a pickup with five kayaks. Crowded.

Autotuning the old school way.

Clive is testing the Eno in bunk bed mode.