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Miss Latina World 2009, actress, model, host, legal secretary, full time student, Chair of Guadalupe Home & more!

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A car should NEVER say this is the temperature outside!!!!!

This is the culprit behind my rude awakening this morning. Let's just say she meows REALLY LOUD!!!!!

Great turn out & perfect weather at Judge Stahl's birthday party! I hope she gets re-elected, she's such a great person.

Judge Peter Sakai's event at Tycoon Flats was great. Tons of elected officials, lots of familiar faces & my Dad as my date.

Thought my car drama was over after it got keyed & completely repainted. Oh well, off to Discount Tire again.

Temptation is always around ...

So my boyfriend just gave me a complex. He said my outfit to work today makes me look like a pilgrim. Is he right?

Idk y'all. What do you think? Should I get a little boost to my butt? Hahaha! Honestly who buys this?!!!

Made homemade chicken pot pie. Even the crust looks perfect. Just like riding a bike, I still got it. Woowoo! Yummy!

I love/hate that Infiniti gives me a loaner car when mine is in the shop. Now I want my loaner car. It makes sense.

I finally did it! I rolled out a perfect homemade tortilla! Yessssssss! It tasted perfect too. Yay!

I was jk earlier. I put the ugliest dress I could find on to scare Helen's mom. Her face was classic! This is the one.

We decided this is the bridesmaid dress, but in brown instead of orange. What do y'all think?!

At the "Celebrating Latina Firsts" luncheon. I think we should talk world domination now ... jk. Or am I ...?!

I'm painting from a ladder y'all! Woowoo!

"There are no losers tonight. It's what we do next that makes us winners." -Choco Meza (Great woman!)

Taking a hike. Literally. I think Batman is here, so I'm gonna stay away from the cave.

I posed for this print ad as Princess Jasmine. Obviously they chose to go w/Belle instead. Gosh darn that Belle! LOL!

As you can tell by the excitement in my face, it's that time of year everyone! Just couldn't say no to the girls.

At HEB. What crazy person would actually buy this, let alone use it?! I love my DP, but not that much!

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