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Things got racy in the Racy Retrofutures panel. Photo by , taken at .

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My first panel at Dragon Con was on pulp. Notice anything funny about this pic?

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At the Racy Retrofutures panel on the Alt History track at Dragon Con. Right after I was taken for a hooker.

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A personal reminder, vis

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A personal reminder. via

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With the lovely Heather Newbury Almendarez at the Steampunk Tea at Authors After Dark in Savannah! #AADSAV <3

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Cat hasn't sat in my lap in months. I've been down today. He keeps hugattacking me. I think he wants to eat me.

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Today's inspirational quote but... more truthful. #successories

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Remember that time I commissioned a RAD artist to do a portrait of Criminy Stain from WICKED AS THEY COME? I do.

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Dear : Oberon won't get off my grandmother. Pls send chicken and apple sausages.

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Some days, messing with inspirational quotes on Pinterest is the only thing that keeps me going. Also, cookies.

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This is getting out of hand, . I'm totally off track now. Digital painting rocks!

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Hey, ! Page 3!

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Sage advice from Criminy Stain. Applies equally to writing, women, and craft projects.

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Wow. Pretty sure today's going to be one of those days when stars align. Oddly. cc:

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If anyone ever wants a book/graphic novel based on , you know where to find me. Under the mask.

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Love this pic from #Carniepunk shenanigans, because I AM EATING HANNIBEAR LECTER. With . Like a BOSS.

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For Tiberius, 2yo son of my friend . Power not pity. Die, lymphoma!

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Do you ever feel like online ads are getting creepily well-targeted? *shivers* IT'S LIKE LOOKING IN A MIRROR.

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