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Further adventures of goat in a box

Well hung goat

salami of goat

The suitable medication required to cure 'goat in a box'

The suitable medication required to cure 'goat in a box'

Goat in a box


Don't wrap molten plastic around your fingers!

Stop the GAME time. Winning this week is with a guess only 35.5g out. Looksee:

Look at that! It's huge. So for GAME v.11 you just have to guess it's weight to win one.

Hello dinner

Never mind all your pretty flowers. Get a bunch of these for your loved ones..

From amongst the courgettes came this. What might it be? Or is it just #mutoidzucchini?

a jar of NOTella™

Trainee hard at work in the office

just 4u: horse &, your favourite, mad smoked cheese strings

Stoppage time! We have a winner, with a spot on guess. Mister come on down! Look:

Surprise! BH special GAME v.10: these are fresh Stouties. But how much does ONE of them weigh later?

An old ham