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note the darker quality of the wild parrot meat as opposed to the insipid pink of the farmed sort:

Look at the quality of health and safety at work (cc )

A little bit of maceration to get the day going.

Here's the Bresaola picture again. Can post more tomorrow when back in office?

Good afternoon bresaola.

oh no man, whatever are you going to do?

Yay got signal! So can let u know that 2days winner is with guess only 90g out looksee:

As per pre-warning: a celebration of game, GAME v.12 a little terrine. What's it weigh? Win some!

Just stuffed a bresaola

Happy me! New box has maintained temp, humidity & integrity. Without casualties too. Looksee:

just back from their press(ing) conference, first mixed game terrines of the season

Regard my box!

Further update from some well hung goat. The view from downstairs:

You all need to get hold of some of this deliciousness (cc )

corned beef sortov

Something for the weekend?

Look at the size of them. Nearly as big as her.

And now to pot the beef

Zoom the goat

fermenting goat anybody: