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Never mind this hot spell, you need to be thinking ahead:

In case you missed it earlier, Venison Pancetta is in the shop waiting for you --->

Venison Pancetta anybody?

Right then, with cameo fingerage: winner is (only 75g out, so close ) look:

Whoops! Meant to do this from yesterday. GAME v.14 sortov a weight guessing thing?

More nommage for you to shake your feeding sticks at:

Attention #norfolknommers - Game Faggots:

and a little bit of this is for you


I think she likes me

And the winner is (15cm out, hard luck ) looksee:

(psst & ) Who's awake? Time for GAME v.13 guess it's length? win a length!

Venison pancetta in the cure. See you in a week, byee

Look what a piratical pixie just gifted me...

Look what the pirates are doing to the local clergy later today

And another one just offered me a bag of sovs for this:

especially if they want to eat some "dead men's fingers"!

Shiver me sosijz

They just arrrhhh