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a bit of a cow

My youngest just misread this, hodeeho

Right then tie-break time for & , both 23g out. How many types of game? Look

Now then, GAME v.18: a gathering of faggots. What does that lot weigh? Closest gets to keep some . .

Zoom the Faggot


look, proof, I just sold somebody 10 minutes

I do declare we have a winner (albeit a proxy guess) only 205g out! Mr - looksee:

⁠Bonjour Rillettes de Puits, quel est le poids de ces trois? Vous gagnez une grosse tranche!

Pancetta. Look at this . Look even closer a week today!

Nice rush at the end! But that has gone & got it (7g out) how convenient! Phone hacker!

Morning all. Game v.16 "look at my dry old sosij - presented by a guest hangerer" what's it weigh?

Whatever you do, don't look at this.

Game Faggots Ahoy!

Is that the time! You'll never guess what - has gone & won (only 18g out) looksee:

GAME v.15: "are you sitting CONFITably? Then begin guessing the weight of these pair . . ." Duck!

another view

My friend kate's birds

Phew! That many duck legs do fit in the confit pan.

Who's not had breakfast? We've got some lovely curried goat for you!