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Maisey loves when Belle comes over from next door to play.

Look what I made!

Look what I made!

At CVS waiting on some prescriptions and noticed that they put all the back pain medicines on the lowest shelves...

Om nom nom! Chik'n shwarma with homemade tzatziki sauce! And rice and zuchini!

Pottermore.com folks!

Great view from the 17th floor this morning...too bad I have to close the blinds.

Om nom nom nom!!

Good morning!

Wish I had a sleeping passenger...

So...roux is sticky...and burns...and instinct made me put my finger to my mouth. Frozen peas help.

Just another day at work. :)

This Facebook ad tells me I can become a social worker in just 1 year. The picture makes me reconsider a career change.

Tax day. Post office. 5:05.

Mah mouf ib dumb...(diagnosed with my first cavity last week).

Dinner = nomtastic! And all the ingredients were on sale!

"No One's Gonna Love You" --Band of Horses

Band of Horses right now playing the exact song you tweeted about earlier.

Quorn cranberry and goat cheese chik'n cutlets FTW!

My mechanic had art in his waiting area now!