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Offshore working, rock/chiptune/metalheaded geeky, nerdy, videogaming, testosterone fuelled, volvo driving breast obsessed blokius maximus. Follow at own risk.

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This year's download is going to be wetter than a nympho in a football team's changing room, wellies needed methinks \=]

Makes a change from silicone, I'll give it that much :p

Sweet, before I even got a game from "good old games" they gave me "tyrian 2000" & "beneath a steel sky" for free. =D

I absolutely hate gardening, but I'm tempted by topiary xD

I approve of both the wordplay AND the eating directions xD

I suppose European politics is just dick-swinging on a continental scale

Sweden may be horrendously expensive... But this place exists xD

whilst topic are laughing. This is exactly the kind of commercialmoney making scheme thatcher would'Ve approved of.

Now this WOULD be completely mental!! xD

I thought all his would involve was some clippers, some foam, and a bic... :p

The guy who named this cementing outfit is probably REEEEAALLLY regretting it now :p

Ryan giggs on the 'receiving end' for once in his life :p

Ah, pasta from my birthland. I couldn't be more proud!! *sheds tear*

You want pictures of dirty bitches?!?! I know a good place for them!! xD

don't say i'm not good to you, both courtesy of