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Two days after this photo was taken, I woke up to find this cat licking my armpit. Hear me talk on the @sweetestplum podcast

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NT News wins front page of the day. Take the rest of the day off sub-editors.

All George Brandis needs is a purple top hat and he'd be The Penguin #qanda

All George Brandis needs is a purple top hat and he'd be The Penguin

Today's #mydayonaplate is Jane Gazzo, Channel V presenter. I've got a good feeling about this one.

Nicely done, whoever did this.

This is my gift to all of you, or more of a regift via

Does anyone else think Jim White from the Dirty Three is looking alarmingly like Ron Jeremy?

Gold. Next time I go shopping, I'm taking this guy with me. (via )

It's either a slow news day or is really pushing this burns story.

Okay, so this Tom Waits picture wins this week's coolest photo.

. Hey mate, for some reason I got sent your Foxtel Bill

C'mon The Age, you can do better than calling Essendon's trip to Wangaratta, "Wang-gate"

I got my socks for subscribing to . They fit perfectly.

I you missed it yesterday, here's the photo The Age's Sunday Life Mag ran with a story about women who don't have kids

Oh dear #Sundaylife, did you really need this photo for an article about women who don't have kids?

To those asking what #mydayonaplate is, it's column in the Sunday Life Mag where c-list celebs tell you what to eat

If you stuck a white hat and blue bib on Richo, he could easily play the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. #qanda

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Mate, there is more than a passing resemblance to a panelist, Tim the Hyphen...

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Sure this has been said, but if they make a film about Oz Politics, Peter Dutton must be played by Nic Cage #qanda

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The Swans Mascot looks like a rejected Manga drawing. Also what happened to its damn beak? #footyclassified

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