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Manga addict, comix creator, traveler, unrepentant foodie / wine drinker, pop culture fiend, cranky comics critic, and kama'aina at heart

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. at #fanime - Q: "in one piece, will robin & nami's boobs get any bigger?" A: (mostly laughter)

You are asking yourself, how bad can Mayo Chiki be? I give you this "ew" nsfw example.

. I have to buy these freaking books so I can decide which is the worst. It hurts to spend money like this.

It is basically impossible to make a "cute" Gollum. Just saying, "Hobbit" toy licensors.

Nice! The crew set up a pop-up wine shop today!

The adventure time dude is getting a good-sized crowd

Awesome! Got Los bros hernandez sketches fr. their signing booth today

To give you an idea how old these movie flyers are, the ads have only 6 digits.

found a stash of samurai movie flyers from Toyo Theater, back when HI had several JP movie houses

. having a deep talk with a Blue Rose cosplayer 's Tiger & Bunny movie

Hey! What's the storm trooper doing here? ( 's Tiger & Bunny movie premiere)

Haha! A "hen-tie" tshirt!

More Tiger & Bunny cosplay fun movie night

The winners! fr. 's Tiger & Bunny cosplay contest

Awesome Wild Tiger armor at 's Tiger & Bunny cosplay contest

What a fun bunch at 's Tiger & Bunny cosplay contest!

More killer Tiger & Bunny cosplay 's movie event

The crew are doing an online announcement of the online Tiger & Bunny cosplay contest

A few Tigers & Bunnys hanging at for 's cosplay contest

Here's the crew rockin' their new Tiger & Bunny tees