Mostly tweets about hockey of the Bruins variety. Known to spam timelines with pictures of her cat. #candyforgoals

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Also this stuff saves my curly hair. Ahh no frizz! Super moisturizing as well.

Good hair day

You don't even go here.

The juxtaposition of these two things amuses me (Brown is a Repub and Shaheen is a Democrat, both running for Senate)

Are you comfortable?

Yay I saw a rainbow!

Screencap: this is dumb

What's up, ya sieve?


Also I have no shame right now eating this.

New haaaaaair! I love how it turned out.

So where did Pastrnak go?

This stuff is the shit. I put it on my wrists before I go to bed and ahh best smell ever

Where is her other arm?

Oh God now I have to rip this off.

He looks like a Franco brother....if you squint idk maybe I'm dumb

Patiently waiting for the Bruins to come back on.

Best way to start my day.

r u ok, Kim Kardashian Hollywood?