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My friend sophie just got totally OWNED by a squirrel today. Best day ever.

Confirmed: deadmau5 is totally dead right now.

Really tommy? Really? 2 tons of popcorn dumped on me is a great way to end the tour.

Yeah, thanks a lot, cat.

Spaaaaceeeee... Getting ready for the most epic of shows. :)

Laptop, check, oberheim SEM, check, MS-20, check... Fuckin hotel rooms. ;) let's get low-fi!

Bitches don't know about my handicap. Beeing a caddy sucks

Chillen on the floor with behind feed me. Kinda weird. But sure! Fun times :)

Fucka coat! Check out these shoes! .... Lol... "Shoe" wtf!?

A coat!!! Looks lame tho.. Ill look around more.

This bus comes equipped with a stripper pole.

Quite possibly the perfect gift for me! Thanks (paul) mobile gaming ftmfw!!!

"Feed me" pumpkin spotted in my dressing room :)

"Feed me" pumpkin spotted in my dressing room :)

Oh... Its on son... ITS ON

Yup, this is gross, some kinda stye thing on my eyelid + an infection. Perfect. Fuckin perfect. Fml

Lil bit of chipotle action today... Noms.

Do it!


Hahaha shit! A ghost! This place is haunted