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All you need to know is I love the Sharks, its an unhealthy relationship.

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Yuup. Only my family. Haha its a freakin picnic.

First one day, go figure its a boy lol.

Came out blurry but theres a bunch of us gatheres round watching part 1 and up ahead there's a group reading aloud.

Eighteen down, eighteen to go. I'm already freakin crying and I haven't even gotten to the most dramatic parts yet.

They're selling a Nichol sweater.... :(

Scchwwiimmmiinngg with the bestest. :)

Omgsh, sooooo good! Sangria two days in a row. Life is grand, sun, salsa music, cumbias and friends. #thisisthecalilife

OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM. Food from Juarez. Yyeesss, BRB....gotta pig the hell out! :D

I want this photo SO. BAD. Give it to me Sharks Ice. GIIIIVEE IT TOO MEEEE!

Mmmmmm, Pho. :) and sparked my craving. Delliiisshh.

Theatre and wine....ahhh that's a remedy for a rainy day. :)

My best friend got me cadbury choc./tea from Ireland & a snow globe from Firenze. HAPPAAYY GURL RIGHT HURR :D

Definitely that time of yr again, I used to LOVE playing those fountains as a kid. :)

Desert...mmm tiramisu you're miiiiinneee!

Uhhh, random hospital bed downstairs at hp....aallllrriiigghht.

Floor arrangement for prince. Swweeet.

Can you say stuffed??? Oh man so good.

its alright, kenus doing his gym time too, and he's hating it. :) its fun making fun of him.