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Sad face. I don’t know why, but I intrinsically don’t like pre-orders. I pre-ordered it anyway. ;-)

Wanted to try this, and stumbled over this UI failure. What’s the default? Why is it not telling me?

Very well done! I also like how you implemented notifications. That’s the way to go!

I like the unsubscribe process of .

Deutsch/Englisch sehen in meinen Augen deaktiviert aus. Nicht? Wieso haben die eine andere Schriftart?

I prefer my social sharing buttons without the bloat, but these look nice, too. #tongueincheek

In Safari 6.1.

That's how you do it. #not

The icons on top could loose some weight on iOS7. #flipboard

Eure schönen Bestell-Buttons auf http://www.cyon.ch/cloudserver/vergleichstabelle machen nix. ;-)

Yay! My Instant Lab has arrived!

Yeah, thanks! That’s helpful.

Kurz vor dem Tweet. Scheint immer noch nicht zu gehen. Auf iPhone.

Wow! If you have “Is this a pyramid scheme?” in your FAQ, you’re a pyramid scheme.

Finnland, 10:30pm

Which one? There are only three:

Which one? There are only three:

Which one? There are only three:

or just type…

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