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Unfortunately my prays went unanswered #leveinout

Glasgow for Scotland game tomorrow. Typical West coast weather

Ffs dobies it's still August

If you look closely you can spot the sub with no chance of coming on #oddsock. Keith Wright at the game

Scottish cup round 1. Big teams next round

Xfactor or continue reading? difficult decision but 110% yes to the book

#Olympic brand protection police have attacked Henry. At least they left the face alone #pepsi #mastercard #rbs

Actually have some sympathy with the badminton players. When I knew I couldn't be beaten to this I didn't give a fuck

Last man standing #lookyoufuckingdon'texistgetit

Look what came today

you've got a point there. You'd spend eternity in hell tortured by this image.

I'd like to apologise for the dip in my high standards and unprofessional attitude. Time to refocus to retain this

just for you

you don't aim very high. Mine were and still are John mcenroe and davie cooper. Your hero will never win this

Only two power sources when I need four. Where's Jesus when you need him #fishesandloafs

One large beer. They refused to give Karen a large one

how not to open a bottle with a coin

Chicken kebab anyone? I was only one having a poolside pint at 10.30

I guess I'm out of whisky #honesttheywereallnearlyempty

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