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I'm an illustrator and author of children's books. This is my new Twitter, it's got my name on.

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It would probably look like this:

Ahhhh yeah

I feel this about sums me up.

New particle navigator thing up. Face recognition worked on this drawing…

A mummy!

Girl on bike with cat. Might be the start of something, no idea…

Kitchen is great.

My email pal Emma made me this. Looks just like me too!

This is my favourite handwritten advert to come in the post today #dedication

Got the new novel from obviously the greatest living author, from #willnodoubtactuallyenjoy


That’s how I want to be preserved

here again! Octopus isnt around anymore

i saw this and thought of you. Think it’s the armpit flashing.

dream chair

Housemate Emily made some gingerbread planes. And a cake. And some ball things.

The ol’ living room climbing wall!

Man, all these books sound amazing.

I told you Ewoks were real!

Good ad on your site!

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