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Woop woop! #AppleTV update now available!

#iOS7 Please(!) introduce cursor control by keyboard swiping and allow 6 rows of icons page, I need those!

Still unimpressed with the changed “sharing” icon in #iOS7. The old had personality and was known by all.. #ui

You should know this but see who is sharing your photos, movies and all data with the #nsa

You should know this but see who is sharing your photos, movies and all data with the #nsa

I really hope #iOS7 will offer 5x6 icons on the home screen like my jail-broken phone. 4x5 feels horribly confined!

Euhm... Did the Fed just freeze the value of gold?? Wth? #fed #gold #fiscalcliff

Today does indeed feel a bit like the end of the world... Perhaps I should go teach Maya again! :]

Just re-discovered the podcasts app and am surprised I haven't read about it anywhere. It's pretty cool.

Getver! Gehaktballetjes van binnen de datum maar absoluut niet eetbaar! Smaken/ruiken zuur! #honger

#2termz #4moreyears #Obama

dit is mijn werkelijke verbruik de afgelopen 10 dagen maar dat was tot vandaag op m'n oude bundel:

Siri didn't get the point or did it took into account it's 9am?

Oh good.. The iOS6 iPhone music player just froze, crashed and now won't start up.. Grrrr #apple #why!

their response:

This is what I'm getting after the app tries loading my wall:

Since the big iOS update I cant access my wall on iPhone or iPad.. Tried reinstalling but no go. What to do?

hey guys! I noticed a small cosmetic issue on iOS: the label of your continue button is misaligned.

. is a sexy beast! Here’s me having a multiple selection ménage à trois with Solarized Dark soothing the mood