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Ex-big company geek navigating the unwired mile. CEO of Moprise - enterprse documents to your device made easy

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Thanks for the 100Mbs upgrade!

Nice - gives me 60MB down and 14MB up. Finally caught up with the average South Korean connection.

Victoria Whisky Festival tasting today. http://www.victoriawhiskyfestival.com

Trying out some products to keep my iPhone powered up yet thin & light: http://daviddsouza.tumblr.com/post/40783263412/thinandlightcomputing

tells me they don't accept the paper drink cards anymore. The mobile app made me forget to use these…

You need to sign your package so I can run the Nike+ Connect app on a Mac.

The dreaded "Service Battery" has been appearing on my Mac… Bummer.

FaceBook needs a more creative fail screen than this...

Well, downloading 230MB of Windows 7 updates could encourage corporate users to move to a fresh Windows 8.

Returning to our previously scheduled program...

Oh, Windows 8 and Parallels 8 still not a good combination. Back to Windows 7.

Frack. Third time on this screen that repair was unsuccessful. So much for my Windows 8 install. :-(

"Windows 8 attempting repairs…" I don't think this is going to end well :-(.

iOS6 New Ribbon