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The things that people call 'impossible' are simply the things they haven't seen before...

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Caught in the acting act -- a cool still from the set of "CMD."

also, just saw this! -->

Baby safety bubble. Now only $5!

A little . A little . A little . #LoJ:

Good food, good drinks & good friends. #MelsBBQ

Ren Faire: After Dark -

Ren Faire Vandals: (, , , , )

Happy to welcome my friend ("Fresh Beat Band") on #OutOfTheBlue tomorrow. Really fun & insightful.

Found the Dos Equis guy's dog:

Woohoo ! (and a horrible Sandra Oh freeze-frame) #GreysAnatomy

Proof that I'm psychic & Kanye must follow me on twitter. Look at the date, !!!

Proof that Grant Imahara exists in real life. Myth. BUSTED. #OutOfTheBlue

That awkward moment when a power outrage conveys entirely the wrong message:

It's one of these kind of days.

Fun times with Team Unicorn.

Quick, everyone on the highway slow down to watch!

Shenanigans with the e crew!

Just sharing 's awesome photo from yesterday's super bday celebration:

House Party: LA. Keep looking for hipster Kid & Play.

Neon housewarming party = MAGNETS!!!