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Got this sent to me courtesy of ! So epic! Ben Affleck you got a Lot of history to live up to! #batman

So epic. Goodnight. #aboutthatlife

Watching a documentary on rodents

Wow. #iminlove

I'm feeling this one . I would've smiled more but Ucla gave me 66 reasons not too haha #pac12love

chocolate? this is doodoo baby! I said ahhhhh!

hes trying to run it right now! #drrobotnik

my cover for childrens book got emailed to me today. Thoughts?

Is it time to cut my hair?

I need these in my life #airmax90

I got to wear air maxs to work tofay. I'm kinda hyped about that. #imfeelingthat

This is how weird Facebook is man. I don't even know this person and hes asking me to train with him. #comeonman

Can we get some players please? #letshoop

Just woke up, let's do this! #midmorninggrind

I need to trade my dodge charger in for this. #TDKR

Is it ironic that I was eating some skittles when I saw this? #tastetherainbow

Who was self winking at? My heart started racing for a second because it looked like he was winking at me, #finalfour

Mr Feeny!!!! #detentionmrmatthews

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