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The one that edits at @Classical and writes for @sbnation (and Vice and Sports On Earth and GQ and other places). Not the one from Van Halen or magic.

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Marlon Byrd, still intimidating pitchers the old-fashioned way: Muppetface.

I like a restaurant as dedicated to slandering Salman Rushdie as I am.

Great moments in Mets television graphics. At least Mr. Met seems to be staying positive.

I'mma let you finish, but Roman Polanski's "The Ninth Gate" is the shittiest movie by a director some consider great.

Still all city. Love this impossible thing, excited to see what's actually possible with it.

There's a princess doing stats at the LIU/Quinnipiac game.

Oddly, this program, Kevin Explains His Issues With Taxes, is the highest-rated show in Southern Maine.

More like ShowALittleFuckingRespecTime. #GetYourJadesStraight #Caruso

Man, what delicious food in this Outback ad! What it DEFINITELY looks like to me is food, that's for sure.

Video game advertising, you are a fucking bummer!

Yeah, it's college basketball season.

So happy this doof is still confidently overcooking scallops on television several times a week.

American exceptionalism, with linen and butter.

Forever all city. Peace, Lil Pizza.

My pale tribute to Lana Del Rey's derp-o opposite-of-smizing anti-mastery in the world's funniest bus stop ad.

You know what, just make an offer.

I think the DMV is being sarcastic?

France, cruising to a gold medal in both the Male Tramp Stamp and Men's 4x100 freestyle.

Having some issues with my cable. Is everyone else also getting this image on every channel?

Didn't see if this guy had "Lucas" tattooed on his other arm, butit seems safe to assume he did.

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