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The first ten million years were the worst. And the second ten million years. They were the worst too.

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Pigeon flew into our back bedroom yesterday; poor thing broke its neck. It left this...

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Genuine rejection email. It was for an IT job. Clearly, they have an excellent IT team already. Who can't spell.

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Gracie loves Michael. Best value cat toy ever.

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Michael looking a bit worn and torn. He was supposed to keep her from scratching furniture; he became a toy.

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Gracie and Michael.

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What a cynical world we live in

These are 1 day/wk/mon/6 mon/1 year/2 yr graphs of News Corp (NWS) share price (via Yahoo and Mac apps).

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. ha, so it does. Forget last tweet. This is what I meant.

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This looks like a woman in tears to me, Mike

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. sounds like the weather is the same in Paris. (Who says Twitter is trivial?)

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Cardiff City is trending! The perils of ambiguity exposed! (Could substitute 'benefits' for 'perils'.)

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TwitJobSearch (why do I get this?) offers a secure job, perhaps...

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Mashed car, Court Rd, Cardiff no ambulance, so hope no one hurt.

Breakfast from Riverside market #2 (kidding, but tempting)

Breakfast from Riverside market #1

Gracie in spare room. I have beds, you know.

Or this? Or back to Gordon?

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Should this be my public image?

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About to go for first run in months.

Retro shop with blackboard w special relativity equations.

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