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But great to see that The Fall are trending on twitter right now! Definitely the band The Fall. Definitely.

Party time in Melbourne. Lots of people are eating cakes with my face on. #amazinghannah

At the end of the world! Hannah at Cape Schanck, earlier today.

This Gil Scott-Heron/Jamie XX LP bears an uncanny & hilarious resemblance to 'No Love Deep Web'. #googleit #NSFW

Chris once won a darts match by hitting a double 7. #hironsfacts

I'm in the presence of a football legend: Edgar Davids. And Mr Bumble. So two football legends actually.

You'd have thought this company would've had a hasty post-Savile rebranding exercise by now. #sick #rage #fury


The Man Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine! #machine #kraftwerk

Cider, programme, and 3D glasses at the ready. It's time for 'The Mix'! #kraftwerk

The 'kraftwerk' Kraftwerk are playing! #kraftwerkisgermanforpowerstation

A new picture of me by a kid in my class. The likeness is uncanny! Especially the beard and hairline.

Last time I got two albums by the same band was Mansun in '97. And we all know what happened next! #kraftwerk

"Mr Rees I swear I only drew a picture of a girl! James then drew the rude stuff on her!" #rumbled #rudestuff

It's the first #SnowHalfDay of 2013! Well, you wouldn't want kids playing in all this snow would you? #snow #schoolsout

He's even sent me a reminder letter, signed with his darts nickname! #JackpotJosh #DollisDartsClub

Your first day in town & Mark E Smith's on the cover of the Guardian! So sorry I'm not out tonite; next week!

20 albums... only the Top 10 will survive. It's time for #TheMostReesPectedAlbumsOf2012

20 albums... only the Top 10 will survive. It's time for #TheMostReesPectedAlbumsOf2012