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This is pretty cool. Seriously considering it.

HELP! sweet old dog, Ginger, is missing! Have you seen this dog!? PLEASE RT

but I know I'll be back at least once, got a $20 game card to burn through! I'll challenge you to this!

If you've never had the pretzel wieners , I suggest you make a visit for that alone. #DBBoise #promo

FTR - I kicked ass at this game on 1st try ever. 309 points. Apparently they consider 150 to be good. #DBBoise #promo

Getting the tour! #DBBoise #promo

President of , Dolf Berle showing off his BSU colors. He was quite proud of those argyle socks! #promo

Is that kicking the CEO of ass at 4 person air hockey!? #DBBoise #promo

They have a mobile charging app at Dave & Busters. #DBBoise #promo

Here's your new logo! ;P

Want some kick-ass new hardwood floors? Maybe need yours refinished? Call my little brother, Adam. 208.570.7764

Weird. The black marks look done by a marker. This is a satellite image?

A pic of grandma at our wedding. is as hot as always, and I was fat.

Hey GoDaddy finally got their own site back up. Kind of. Haha!

So this just happened:

Finder won't show files on external drive! But says drive isn't empty. HELP! ? ?

Hey - here's how that logo turned out that we were talking about awhile back!

Finally unveiling this new client logo design. Check it!

Thinking about selling this. Needs a little work. How about $300?

Hey whatta ya think? Is this actually t-shirt worthy?