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A perfect Saturday night. Sizzle Pie pizza, beer and The Wire on Netflix.

Homemade Tom Kha Gai. Surprisingly easy and absolutely delicious.

Here Dave, have a sliced hard boiled egg. Thanks Whitney. Thats a beautiful hard boiled egg. #cookingskillsfail

Brownies for breakfast? Yes please!

How I'm spending my Sunday. What are you doing with yours?

Day two of frequenting every single big box store on earth. #movingin

The first of many trips. (sigh)

Pizza and Beer. Well deserved.

And this is the closet we are supposed to "share". I know right? #movingday

This HUGE pile is what supposedly downsized too. Just her clothes on hangers.

I don't know where we are going to put all of your and my film. So much for food in the fridge...

Letting go over ten years of beautiful Saveur and Gourmet magazines. a bit sad actually. #casualtiesofmoving

Spending this cold Sunday wrapped in a blanket, reading cooking magazines. #myfavorite

had a craving for fish sticks. Note the box says "Xtra Large". So tiny!

Good Morning Internet! Another beautiful day from sunny San Diego!

Just started reading this. only 2pgs in and already smitten.

Buy one get one free? Score!

Ringing in the new year with style. #gotdrunkandforgottodolaundry

Big shot out to all my peeps north of Topeka!

Yes!! Mom sent me one of her Louisiana Buttermilk Cakes!! I love these cakes! #bestchristmasever