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Saw this on the beach today!

First time I've been asked to check my headphones...I said no way José! (soft j)

Hot dogs at 7:30? Really?

This is the creepiest rabbit. The baby agrees.

For some reason, their choice of mascot doesn't seem logical to me. And I think the bear misunderstands the intended use of the product.

You really should stop by. Get it..."stop"?..no? I guess it was a pretty crappy pun...I had to push too hard for it.

I just got pulled over by the nicest cop. #fb

I was looking up reviews for Alice in Wonderland on Fandango...one of the options is to view tweets about the movie...found this..

My po' toe. :(

They did not want to get out of the road...or cross it.

show was great!!


I've been working on my Rhodes.....it's starting to sound amazing! #fb

Got my new ukulele! It sounds amazing!!! #fb

At the vet with Leona....yup...that's her chin stuck in a bone.

Listening to "Kid A" for the first time...this album is amazing! I probably look crazy though because I brought my studio headphones.

I went around looking for the person that gave me this so I could give them a very dirty look and teach them a lesson.

is pretending he is Dr Evil.

I felt like I was in the Jetsons.

This shirt was, no joke, $85.

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