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Design director at TANDOT.co.uk, developing social and interactive design for web, screen, mobile and space. Co-founder and co-director of madlab.org.uk

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Oh my. That Aztec Supa from is surprisingly good. And fiesty!

was just round the corner :)

Wow. There's about 5 people on this flight , and one of them has the same name as Hwa Young!

Thank you, new scientist October 1998. I can count the pixels by eye

Edge magazine. Great for glossy inaccuracy. Apple gaming is shaping up in 1996!

Spectrum nostalgia… in an Amiga fanzine!

Spectrum nostalgia… in an Amiga fanzine!

Baby in New Computer Express 1991

Frameworks? They'll never catch on.

Segaworld! Not as cool as The Namco arcade! (TimeOut magazine, 1997)

Ah the power of hindsight

Greatest o'reilly cover ever

"I hung out with a bunch of polygonists from Utah!' … paper catalogues for digital media interrobang!

Remember the days when you'd pay for it?

Your 1kb-powered dystopian sci-fi future (with loading from tape)

Key components in a modern computer: note pad, dogsbody, and brains.

One mortgage's worth of SGI memory. 8mb a piece. 32gb iPhone for comparison. Any takers?

Commodore Business Systems - Thinking ahead … but not too far!

Infoworld's product of the year, 1997? RedHat 5.1. Free Netscape Navigator included! New hardware auto detection!

Good grief.I paid £80 for a Psion outliner last century http://cd.textfiles.com/psion/disk2/PIMS/PIM_0005/MIN_000C/MIN_0001.PDF software practically given away these days