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Senior Writer at Apple (although all views here are my own). Previously CEO at @agantltd, creators of the UK Train Times app. Curator of @dailycryptic.

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Sherlock iOS oddities #5: Lestrade's phone, which keeps making iOS ‘now charging’ noises, isn't actually an iPhone.

Heading down to the #towelday bash at Pan Macmillan. I come prepared.

Smoke billowing out from a fire behind Warwick Studios in Leamington.

Big fire in Leamington town centre – fire crew and police taking stock of the scene.

There's another one!

Getting ready for #teentech Tech City at Cisco House. The view from the window is rather impressive.

Just spotted this cartoon in yesterday's Guardian Weekend magazine. Thought you might appreciate it.

In what possible way is this better than a short, human-readable URL?

This Sky ad for Smash asks readers to "download Aurasma Lite and point your device at this advert to watch a preview".

ST&TOY. I had no idea that trees spurt blood everywhere if you cut them with a chainsaw.

She should have come – the programme they give you on arrival is printed on chocolate!

The downside to using in-house company terminology in customer-facing adverts.

Hopefully not caused by frumious iPads…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

Nothing like a nice spot of wiring for a relaxing Christmas day off. Time to make these two talk to each other.

The aim: rail travel misery. Fellow players stranded in Thurso. Way to go, 1970s National Rail marketing department.

Having a fun-packed time playing The Great Game Of Britain, an officially-licensed 1970s British Rail board game.

Aside from the fraudulent reviews, this screenshot tells you everything you need to know about Color Texting™:

Now there's a thing. Lovelace & Babbage is New and Noteworthy in St Lucia, Madagascar, and Mauritius. How very odd.


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