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It must be so awesome to have Jason as a dad. #geek #costumes #minecraft

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Gonna go earn my lunch.

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Literally let out a Tim Taylor grunt after the last plank sawzalled free. OH HO HO HO HO #drunkwithpower(tools)

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Jason is putting this on one of my favorite running tees for Christmas. Stoked is an understatement. #yeezy

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Yes. It's Aubrey riding Heinmot. BEST. EXPANSION. EVER.

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She was startled by the Momarazzi.

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YES. YES. YES. THIS is how you create, and dress, a female video game character. Nicely played, Epic. #gow3 #anya

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Jason made this for E, and then promptly put Addie in a helmet, goggles, and padded bodysuit. Caring or suspect?

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One more... I can't help it. This kid even looks handsome watching informercials on Nickelodeon.

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More lunch notes for tomorrow. I think I'm enjoying these even more than the kids.

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Not to brag, but I'm kind of AWESOME at handwritten lunch notes.

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My kids are rocking new haircuts, but it turns out I picked a poor day for Twitter and Facebook to care about it.

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Addie just called a meeting: "I made a gameplan to get the fly out of our house... Your job is opening the door."

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Remember my Survivor Diet? I finally got around to eating some rice and water last night-- and voila! #worked

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Second prototype of Eli's Paper Mario invites... My mind is blown. Jason is SO talented.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS!!! :-D I'm too proud of these to wait till they're mailed. Heh. Photos, design, kids: all me!

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YAY! First Christmas card of the season! Thanks for totally making my day, !

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Elias wants me to let Twitter and Facebook know (and I quote): "I LOST MY TOOTH! TELL THE WORLD I'M SO EXCITED!"

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