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Server Whisperer; Photographer; Parrot Obsesser; Martini Afficianado; Grammar Nazi; Misanthrope; Machiavellian; Wordsmith; Retro Gamer; Thermal Underwearerer

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… desk networking 101?

… desk networking 101?

Signs of at heidelburg station

RIP kitty the dog who passed away in her sleep last night. She was my family's dog for fifteen years.

well hello there ladies…

I saved this for you

totally unsolicited dick pic

I… I don’t know…

here’s poppy!

but but my budgie!

Sadfase #snapchat

Hey !

Hey !

The lovely puts her hair back for dinner #swoon

Noooooooo just got bayonetted by the pig beast! All is lost!!

Has anyone ever been so far as to do want can has more look like Ubuntu on their work laptop?
#ubuntu #linux

3.14 course meal

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