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I feel better already. Viggo Mortensen is almost dead.

Anyone know what these things are?

There exists certain inevitabilities. This is but one.

Fuck, yes, I am good.

Tweeting this so it’s saved somewhere forever for future reference.

Bat-point, illustrated. (Christian Bale has committed to attend, in costume)

Fuck. This. Shit.

Robin eggs in an unused barbecue:

This cat often sleeps like this:

ignore my last, I just updated Wikipedia to reflect this.

Probably the last person I would expect to be sans helmet.

Well, this is another pile of bullshit on top of all the other piles. Book recommended to me. #ebook

. just bought it.

this is what I see:

FS: “VINTAGE” X-FILES VHS TAPE(look it up on Wikipedia) RETAIL US$19.95 WILLING TO PART FOR US$99.

This is what happens when you make fun of family members' iPhone cases.

the area in red represents a potential area of demyelination which can be an indicator of MS.

this part of my brain back.

Thanks, #23AndMe, this is now all I think about: