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talks to the rainbows and to the seas, she talks to the trees

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Sayanging Cowboy + big bowl of mash w breakfast w mom + rainy morning = happy day

Cat staring intently into chocolate shop in 's hood

Our posters at National Museum of Singapore for !

Merry Christmas! Legal loan! #whut


My "younger brother" doing what he does best, at my hairdresser's

Rainbow happiness at Little India

Hey , look what I found today :p

Still wondering what caused this beautiful dried patch of rainbow at Parkway's carpark

A v fashionable moth spotted this morn. Gd thing there's zoom fn on the ph cos I was a bit scared.

My kitteh molestation victim never saw me approaching...

Unglam kitteh at Simpang Bedok

I didn't know meds come in such pretty colours these days. Still hate gg to doktors.

Today I was told that Pretty the Cat is actually a boy. Oops.

My colleague M's (of ) beautiful furry daughter Nya

After voting, it's CAT MOLESTING TIME!

Pretty kitten at the Penang Jetty. Molestation of kittehs must continue wherever I am.

Magickal heart-shaped balloon formed in my condensed milk this morning :)

Chubby black cat at Marine Parade getting, well, molested.

I just discovered the Turner Classic Movies channel on TV & am in an old movies induced-swoon