Christopher Ilich


Gamer,Pokemon nerd, poker player, aspiring to be a editor for pokemon podcast. Hit me up, I'm awesome?(Not really,but I like to pretend!)

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When will they ever learn...? Too bad the packs sucked

Hell to the yeah! Finally completed the foil set

Apartment is clean, now to grub!

Epic mealtime part 2!

Epic meal time part 1

Story of my life! Lol

I did it!!!!!!!!! Yes!

YES! I had too!

Check this out! All legos!!

Nite just got better

Not bad I think I came out ahead.


Peppery bacon and broccoli Alfredo is finished BAM BABY! Came out like I wanted it too!

Yay bacon!



Am I gonna eat them all? No. Am I gonna try? HELLS YEAH!!!

I love you. You were a great dog. You will be missed. RIP baby girl.
Jewel: Jan. 28th, 2000- Jan 16, 2012

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