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His pureness before the conclave - in deep contemplation on serious matters

The father of the web has spoken on this matter with a retweet...

TILPh Tractor I'd Love to Photo.

I think you broke the article! Well played!

Noone messes with the Colm Meeney Minion. Noone.

BREAKING: London invaded by giant amphibious tic tacs.

Yay. LeapMotion arrived. Many warranties shall be voided this evening!

Pot. Kettle.

Israeli rocket sauce... Is this green fuel any good?

The worlds biggest humbug... They will call it "The orthodontists delight" #Iwastherewhenitwasborn

Project FIFO in the house at the Erlang User Group London with

Slight change of subject... Embedded Erlang with Robosapiens & Raspberry Pi! #skynet


Robosapiens Raspberry Pi based WiFi repeater. Need to make it scriptable in scratch next...


Good pictures.

Weather hated by laptops & runty devices lacking luscious lumens. If only had a kindle white could geek in the sun...

This is threads...

My friday morning pair programmer is sleeping, I'll have to code around him...