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Check it out - Kevin Butler autograph - 85 BEARS!!!

I feel like such a decent human being each time I pay for what I've bought.

The cashier was friendly &helpful. I paid for ALL of my items. I will not burn in hell

This area is known as the "check out" area. I will pay these "cashiers" for my items.

Observe. I have placed food items in my basket at a grocery store. #Tutorial

In case you were wondering about that last tweet. #MadeToBeBroken

Get here and we'll take care of the rest etc

My train pass is like the bumper sticker in Space Balls "WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY"

Oldest daughter broke her ankle yesterday and now she has a little kid sized walker #Sucks

All in all they're just another brick in the wall. #ShandyLife

Guy with Cubs license plate wrapper and vanity "PLZ WIN1" #genius #ImNotDriving

Great rehab time capsule, this smoke detector warns of radioactive material inside!

Thanks for the present, . After all the work I've put in our place I've earned one.

Being a new homeowner is loads of fun, wouldn't you agree ? #HomeDepotOwnsMe

I found another time capsule while rehabbing, a dimmer switch from 1967. #GoodTimes

Found this beer coozi floating in the lake this morning. Almost as cool as Caitlin and Nick's.

U Food It

If only this was a #SummerShandy, right ? #NectarOfTheGods

After 7 yrs, this is my last day commuting on the El. Tonite I take regional train home to the burbs

Ah, #Castaways. Epicenter of the #SummerShandy.

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