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I make stuff. Heading up the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, author of @MayorEmanuel, founder of Punk Planet magazine (RIP), Tacofancy, goat ambassador.

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A posterized Lady Justice takes head-scratching center stage in this Tribune story (via ).

Second Harvest!

And that the Journatic office is *inside* the Trib Tower.

Not only is this pin-on-a-map unbelievably lazy, it's also dehumanizing at exactly the moment we need to be most human

That said, there *must* have been a file photo they could have used. Pin-on-a-map is a terrible way to cover death.

Cucumbers grow like magic.

First harvest!

Looking good,

3d printed towel hook extender.

At my family reunion right now. Just turned into a rave for the under-eight set.

Old clipboard from Punk Planet days just surfaced. Can't remember context, but still seems applicable.

3d printed hooks to hold a crocheted Chemex cozy on snugly.

In my basement, where it is dark and cool, we are printing a T-Rex.

Tiny footprints.

Holy crap. In my living room right now.

My sink confirms my suspicion about this week: going to be a full-fury shitstorm.

Chairs out for my town's Fourth of July parade, 7:30 am July first.

Goodbye old, broken printer, I will miss you the most.

don't be silly--it's not missing, I know right where it is.

Redesigned Chicago Tribune still seems to not totally understand the "Chicago" part.