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I make stuff. Heading up the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, author of @MayorEmanuel, founder of Punk Planet magazine (RIP), Tacofancy, goat ambassador.

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Accordion lessons and sex shows; lamp post advertising in Buenos Aires.

Uncle Sam moonlighting in Buenos Aires.

The vintage signage still in use all over Buenos Aires is amazing.

The #hhba meeting space is unbelievably amazing.

aaaaand reddit is down. Whoops.

Tonight's steak in Buenos Aires.

The Chicago Tribune has full-court press on the Empire State Building shootings. A small second is 19 shot in Chicago.

really, captcha?

whoa, scrolldown weirdness (firefox aurora, Mac):

Wait, why is the toilet flushing golf balls again?

The tribune once again goes with death-by-map-pin.

Now THIS is an audience-specific magazine.

Holy crap, I grew this!

I am apparently growing the world's most adorable tomatoes.

Liberated from a mountain town.

Truth in advertising, Sydney Nebraska.

Morning view. Long drive home starts today.

Slot cars. Really.

There was a moment here where I thought "this isn't a great idea." Thankfully, it was only a moment.

PVC quiver for my kid's bamboo bow and dowel rod arrows.