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I make stuff. Heading up the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, author of @MayorEmanuel, founder of Punk Planet magazine (RIP), Tacofancy, goat ambassador.

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This whole exchanged between and is golden:

The dystopian hellscape links at the top of Drudge right now are epic.

In other gratifying numbers news, I have officially lost 40 lbs as of this morning.

538 graph now shows very clear, sustained momentum toward Obama, back from the post-debate drop:

So it's not a good sign when the only trending topic that relates to your side is one you bought, right?

And, fixed. Good on you for admitting the error , and even better for fixing it fast:

Not even the *Fox news* map lists Michigan for Romney.

If you roll Michigan over to the Obama column, *where it's currently polling*, the interactive is totally different:

No wonder I feel like I'm still waiting for my soul to catch up to my body.

screenshot. 278.

I'll be right with you once the seizure induced by the ad overload on the Tribune's home page subsides.

A thoroughly depressing example of how scheduling tweets in advance is a terrible idea.

DRUDGE SIREN: quadruple wink above-the fold, photo-intern-overtime action.

Holy crap. Just came across my passport from 1994.

Tomatillos and a pepper, fresh from the garden.

My night. Asked: https://twitter.com/dansinker/status/243163428225683456 … And answered:

Building-sized Evita, Buenos Aires.

Yoga studio, Buenos Aires.

Quite possibly the world's best named sex shop, Buenos Aires.

Fabric store window, Buenos Aires.