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My go-to

The "other" Dan Reid got a Personal Trainer and his program got sent to me. This pussy isn't even doin lifts!

Word was he was fined for ballin to hard on the sidelines. RIP #JoePa

Stayed up late, drew Frank Ocean.

. tried to pseudo rickroll me but lucky this trash pile has gone full fledged internet border switching

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Gotta admit, I'm a little homesick right now

From last night: 'merica

I'll come home specifically for this

Classic Son to Dad tech support

Not the Rob Gordon I was hoping for #MusicOrTheMisery

Klout pretty much nailed and

This ought to do wonders for my #klout score #LargerThanLife

This ought to do wonders for my klout score

The best part of this gif is Hank in the backround

RIP Sweet Prince

Randomly ended up on this guy's FB page

The current state of #BOYCITY

Magic My Friend

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