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Massive film geek, sometimes photographer, techie, graphic designer, I get paid to fashion rectangles, sometimes circles.

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"I can't talk normally when a penis is staring up at me from a book," said turning the page…

JJ Abrams, please make this so!

I've just drawn this… do you think he'll like that?

Did you make this?

So true…

No self-respecting sign/PowerPoint presentation is complete without this guy:

I don't understand what this is… It's like a Hieronymus Bosch creature in real life: http://bit.ly/Tdqhbb

My backers parcel finally arrived! ♥ I was CRANCING for hours!! Also, hello to Christine Doval Santos!


How could you not?! I mean just look at them! #lust

How's this?

On a different note, I just came across this owl illustration, thought it was pretty epic!


You might enjoy this…

That would be this gem, or as I'm now calling it - my new lock screen.

I love Chloë Moretz, but why oh why are they remaking Carrie? Stop, just stop.

Nerd love means never having to stop playing games, even while expressing affection for each other. #GeekLife

Stolen: A film where Nicolas Cage runs around frantically trying to do something, just like in all his other movies.

This information is vitally import, you should all memorise it. I can't stress this enough.

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