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Betty is smiling down on DDUB and all the girlz at his event tonight. You got me choked up.

Rehearsal. What are the odds on Jon Knight being on time? Slim to none. And 100% he is at Star*ucks.

So here I am. Alone. An empty room. Where is Jon Knight? Betting he is at Starsucks! Standard!

Walking into rehearsal now. The adventure begins.

At rehearsal. Jon's hair is distracting me like Joe's vocal warm-ups.

I'll miss my kids but so excited to start prepping for tour. HIITing the gym. #DTOTL #livinghealthy

This is my writing lab. Gotta get some songs laid down before #nkotbsb rehearsals start. #DTOTL

DOING IT. Starting the week off right. Day #1. Back with The Block soon. #livinghealthy

7th day of the week done. Now 4 brunch w/my amazing family. But my family's incomplete without you!

Sending some sunshine to The Block Nation. Miss you all, but soon we will see each other.

This is my all time favorite New Kids pic. It hangs on my wall in a big frame. Miss these guys.

I miss my 4 brothers. This is my favorite old school pic. "Please don't go Girl" single cover.

Walking my dogs. Waiting for the little one to drop a duece. Day #4 of the week at the gym up soon!

I think I found my sneakers for 80's night on the cruise. PONY. Old School for sure.

Doing some work in the studio. With my good friend Dave Frangioni. Feels good.

Pic taken by Chance. We're talking about the cruise&the tour. The Wood Family's excited. Miss u all!

Nothing like the sunrise and Morning Wood!

Good Morning. Walking my dogs & I'm HIITing the gym. Trying a 80's look with my hair for the cruise.

Sending some sunshine to The Block Nation.

About to let the meatBalls simmer in my sauce.