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indie game music composer. wrote music for Super Meat Boy, Canabalt, Cave Story 3D, The Binding of Isaac, Way and more. when I grow up I want to be a dinosaur.

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i randomly generated a swtor smuggler, and got . well, if he ate food and like, aged and stuff

  • 919 days ago via site
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some SWTOR glitches are just awesome. I don't think Satele Shan is supposed to be 8 inches tall.

  • 936 days ago via site
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whatever could this image be for?

  • 987 days ago via site
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I win x500

  • 1014 days ago via site
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i wish I could freeze my desktop like this forever....

  • 1015 days ago via site
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here's something I don't do often - have a screenshot of the project file for "Sacrificial" from the Binding of Isaac!

  • 1021 days ago via site
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so I saw today and bearded his beard with my beard #beardcraft

so I saw today and bearded his beard with my beard #beardcraft


did you guys know was in Harry Potter? wow! and he carries a birdcage everywhere. just like real life.

  • 1090 days ago via site
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it's a big happy and family! yaaay !

  • 1091 days ago via site
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methinks this advertisement has lost some perspective....

  • 1097 days ago via site
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*Carmina Burana plays*

  • 1127 days ago via site
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those who say you can't buy love never bought their twin nephews Boba Fett helmets

some weird soundtrack printing error caused this...should I put em on eBay as super rare misprint edition?

for anyone wondering about the rig I'm building....

  • 1164 days ago via site
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what in the hell is so wrong with Fox that they are completely incapable of correctly spelling Bin Laden's name?

  • 1165 days ago via site
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for the record, I went with Kane and Lynch 2

if you've ever wondered what an asthma attack is like, this picture sums up my feelings about the last 5 days or so

  • 1172 days ago via site
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