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Here's celebrating his three-goal hat-trick last night. (cc )

*=*=*=*=* TRIGGER WARNING *=*=*=*=*

Superhero name of the day. He can produce wind-showers of butter-flavoured mints to frustrate his enemies.

Pictures? You don't want much, eh? (I should probably throw a few up, just to demonstrate proof)

Nice. Guano Point on the top of the GC:

One kite-mark, as requested.

I think that Community background is the V'Ger cloud matte painting from ST:TMP. What do do think, ?

So people who like Su Pollard and Paul Ross are also... Nazis?

My Birthday present has arrived.

I had expected this book to be agricultural in the extreme. It turns out, my anti-thriller prejudice was wrong.

This morning's haul...

This morning's haul...

how I roll.

Fuck's sake. Look at this.

Hey, it's Ting! (Nods knowingly at )

Hey, it's Ting! (Nods knowingly at )

Friend just sent me this from the Norwich waterstones. Can you confirm it's not a hoax? Will 'Alan' show?

Presentation 10/10