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... Dead, but still made for a nice model, you can pose him to still look creepy!


Here's a screen shot that may interest some of you... A couple tweeks and it's mastering time!

Ya KNOW that's a good time with and !

A beautiful night in Oak Hill, FL... Heaven

I knew there had to be a reason I drink so much...

How I feel now...

How I felt before the hike...

How I feel now...

Durban - You are a very beautiful place. Let's have a rain free rock show... Yes, this window is IN my hotel room. Nuts!

Just landed in Durban, South Africa! Soundcheck- Surfing - Rock Show... Amazing!

Um... So rad! Just hanging with Owls before we dine in a treehouse!

Had the best 9 am soundcheck ever... Now naptime before we rock this stage!

Good morning Cape Town!

toiled over the perfect approach to this drum fill... Which direction did he take? Find out soon!

Happy Birthday !!! Best Charlie Brown Themed party evah!

Thanks for the chat... Made me wanna do some stocktaking, could be worse...

It begins on a Wednesday...

A Christmas toast y'all ....

Oooh! I'll have that!

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