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Singer / Songwriter / Tambourine Extraordinaire at @MrDownstairs. Let's E V O L V E. http://on.fb.me/MRDfb #nogoof

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Wow, what a GREAT hotel review!! I'm thinking we should definitely stay here, am I right?

Can you find lil me??

My new room so far. I've got a lot of work to do....

Breakfast of champions.

Uhhh what the fuck is this?

Oh just doing some light grocery shopping with , as you can tell we are VERY health oriented.

Taco night with ! I tried to put something clever in here but I couldnt think of anything so he told me to say this. #Clever

Now just had to bandage up my kitty.... Why are all of my best buddies getting hurt???? :(

Also can't stop thinking about my buddy . Got in a wreck last night, give him your love, I no like when my friends are hurt :(

So excited to see everyone tonight! If you're not on our list show up before 1030 with this flier & get in free!

Hangin in the tent, thanks for the new sunnies!! #Pimpin

MAN our drummer is sexy... He's single, ladies ;D

I can't take this guy anywhere....

My band is fucking weird....

HOLY CRAP my new favorite snack.

I think our manager is turning into a momager!!! #NoGoof

Ok, now there are multiple people twirling flaming objects... Where am I??? #Impressed

Nooo like literally! Look! It keeps morphing hah once it looked like mine & I thought someone hacked me!

My brother gets to hang out with THE Spirit. The horse that inspired the movie! In other words: I'm so FREAKIN jealous.

Hi, I love my new phone background.