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Low level dealer of mass opiate for West Coast Peacocks. Rating: 1.5. Weaknesses: vitamin D deficiency, Ketel One efficiency, Unearned Scissorhands complex

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Within the last 3 minutes, I discovered Vanilla Coke Zero AND that my editor wears this home. Best day of my life:

do not yell at me, this was your mother's idea.

That's a wrap on the ingenious John Michael Higgins, here with Community director Anthony "one shot" Russo

Holy shit. Just woke up on my sofa with Phil Spector hair:

When all the clever names for coffee shops are taken, go to for the only one left:

Danny Pudi and

and Danny Pudi in my spinoff, "Brown Shoe and Browner Shoe," a reference that both dates and bigots me

Gillian Jacobs, who could maybe learn to act a little taller:

Hopefully it's okay to share a photo or two from the set: and celebrated dong lover

So bored waiting for draft i'm taking photos of our DUMB ASS writer's assistant, SONA DUMB ASS PANOS

By the way, also: I'm taking a shit.

The torch lighting ceremony isn't supposed to be about girls and glamour. I'm having this guy's conch shell revoked.

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