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Low level dealer of mass opiate for West Coast Peacocks. Rating: 1.5. Weaknesses: vitamin D deficiency, Ketel One efficiency, Unearned Scissorhands complex

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tumblr is not working with this super long .gif. Trying twitpic.

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hey please review this, it's for legal purposes or else I wouldn't bug you

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after being destroyed 5 times, it's more gorgeous than ever (#minecraft pic)

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Woke up to this. A minecraft server is like Lisa Simpson's tooth in Treehouse of Horror VII, RIGHT ?!

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Day 1 at Harmonious Hill minecraft server, population 30+ and hey look at this guy's outfit

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One more shot. Harmonious Alpha from Railway. Portal Deck and Orchard on right. #idlehands #minecraft

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Harmonious Alpha, ground floor: Crafting and Hydroponics

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Minecraft better for edit bay than solitaire. As our finale takes shape, so too Harmonious Alpha

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I've hit bedrock beneath Harmonious Alpha. Thinking of heading into the wild, starting over.

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Harmon then thanked Donovan for the "idea," which is currently slated for late season 3.

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Coolio's here to help some bitches with a cold open #LadyWriterAllNighter

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Official winner of the 8pm comedy war: my mom just got a box of stuff and thank-you note from

. the plot thickens. They've been planning this since Comic-Con.

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I call it the "wall of Christmas." soon it will be twice as high, and I dead.


My first FaceTime call!

I take comfort knowing, from my diet's web page, that somewhere, right now, Dennis Quaid is also looking at this.

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